Softedify | IT Solutions

Softedify is made up of young and talented technicians, and in the digital age, all Myanmar citizens can enjoy affordable prices. We provide services to get international standard IT Solutions.

Website design Social Media Marketing In addition to Digital Marketing campaign services such as Email Marketing and SMS Marketing, free consultation on Information Technologies. By designing applications and software that can be useful for desktop and mobile, Myanmar citizens can use technology to create a wider range of social and economic opportunities. We aim to partner with you in business.


Product quality and your satisfaction is our best services.

Website Development

Customize design and compatible with all devices, includes Google Map, Contact Form as international standard

Application Development

Webbase application and mobile application development till available on PlayStore and AppStore

Chatbot Integrations

To meet with your customer in 24 hours / 7 days, chatbot will help to you

E-commerce Platform

Ready online shopping platform that can customize as your own shop

Software Development

Desktop Software developing such as tools, utilities, standard ERP, CMS and POS

Digital Solutions

All of digital solutions consulting and supporting to customer that they need