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Looking for a Domain Names ? Get yourself a .com, .net, .vip, .asia, .org Domain for just starting 25,000 Ks per year with the easiest way to register that can point your nameserver.

We use cPanel, one of the world's most popular and easy-to-use hosting platforms, and are ready to provide the best service for hosting websites.

You can access anytime and anywhere and be safe. Replace your documents with a fast processing web system. We are ready to make a suitable Web System for your business

You should have emails with your own business name for your business. Our Business Email Service can be used with Webmail or Email Clients. Protected by Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus, and fast and no delay guaranteed.

We develop customized unit designs for your business or individual website, sure a website is the face of your business. Responsive, International Standards and low budget are some of our main features.

Mobile applications are created according to your needs by consulting our developers and creating applications that are flexible for businesses and pleasing to users.

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Free Add-Ons With Every Services
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Domain Name

You can easily check and use the domain name with your social / business name.

SSL Certification

Domain SSL Service can be used free of charge to ensure the security of Emails, Websites and Web Systems.

SSD Enterprise Storage

Uses an SSD Enterprise Storage Server that is 5 times faster than normal, allowing better server performance.

Business Email Accounts

Business Email Accounts can be used for free according to the Services (or) Packages purchased.

AntiVirus & AntiSpam System

We protected with AntiVirus & AntiSpam Software to prevent spam mail and attacks from outside.

Data Backup Service

You can get up to 30GB of system backup for free, ensuring you do not lose any important data.

Clients Say About Us

King Jaguar Co.,Ltd

Client ရဲ့ request တá€Ŋá€ąá€€á€­á€¯ စိတá€ēရှညá€ēရှညá€ēနဲ့ သေခá€ģá€Ŧလေးပá€ŧုလုပá€ēပေးပá€Ģတယá€ē။ Service ကလဲ အရမá€ēá€¸á€€á€­á€¯á€€á€ąá€Ŧငá€ēá€¸á€œá€­á€¯á€ˇ အဆငá€ēပá€ŧေပá€Ģတယá€ē။

Golden Tiffany Construction Co.,Ltd

Service အရမá€ēးကေá€Ŧငá€ēးပá€Ģတယá€ē။

Royal S7 Engineering

Score 10 အပá€ŧညá€ē့ပေးပá€Ģတယá€ē။